Fine Art vs Car Canvas Art

Throughtout the history of art the division between traditional painting and scultpural pieces or "applied art" was clear. The applied arts such as pieces of furntiture or buildings are made for daily use and have never been seen as masterpieces.

Recently it's been widely acknowledged that design along the lines of clothing, furniture, glassware and architecture can also be thought of as art. Some have even tried to suggest that cars can become artwork once they have beauty and visual meaning that is beyond their practical use.

Designers come up with ideas that will serve a purpose while being attractive to use, Apple or Aston Martin for example are experts at this. Painting is also about ideas, and those ideas are also converted to tangible objects. The only real difference is that artists do it to express themselves and designers do it to meet the needs of others.

Art does not serve a purpose beyond sharing a story or emotion that the artist wants to share. Design, meanwhile, is about use - it doesn't have any value beyond what people use it for even if it does look nice. While a controversial piece of art may divide opinion if the design does not work it has failed. A car can be called art if you look at it and say “that's beautiful” rather than “that's a great machine”.


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