Me Me Me In Modern Canvas Art

Traditional modern art is based on the idea that we are alone in the universe, and that the only things that are real are what we can see around us. Renaissance art by the old masters was fixed in the faith that man was made by God with a purpose beyond our understanding.

This faith gave people the belief not only in the afterlife but also that we we somehow guided though everyday life. Artists mirrored this mental picture of the world in their paintings, referencing Bible stories to inspire and reassure people. Modern canvas art is much more straightforward - it's all about the here and now.

Nowadays the definition of modern art, and indeed art itself, is tested on a regular basis by artists that push the boundaries of creativity. There is much debate over works by artists such as Damien Hurst and Tracey Emin who care little for traditional forms and narratives in their pieces.


Anything you care to imagine is art to someone - it's all a matter of perception. What's key is what you find attractive in a piece. There's no right or wrong and that's what's great about it, so it really is all about you.

Take a look through our modern canvas category and make your own mind up. We have literally hundreds of unique designs to chose from.

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