Floral Canvas Art - Purple vs Red

Flowers on canvas is one of the most popular categories at Canvas Art Print, they're a great way of bringing the beauty of nature into your home. Whether it be a single red rose of a bunch of hydrangeas floral prints can add a real splash of colour to a tired room. As with any piece of wall art matching the colours to your decor is a great way of defining a style, but also showing the world who you are. The psychology of colour is well established, and there is no doubt as to the effect that choosing bold colours over more muted shades can have a dramatic effect on the feeling of your surroundings.

The colour red has many connotations, when seen in nature it often signifies danger or anger, but also passion and warmth. Picking flower canvas art in shades of red can show the passionate side to your nature and make a room feel more welcoming. The colour purple traditionally relates to a feeling of serenity, it's much more calming and suited to a room where relaxation is paramount - the bedroom is the perfect place for a purple flower canvas.

Purple Flower Canvas

Colourful floral canvas art can be an effective way of showing what you'd like people to see in you, often reinforcing a bold colour scheme or a chilled atmosphere. Purple is rarely seen in nature, which adds an air of mystery and exclusivity to a purple canvas print. It is also well established as a "royal" colour so it can show your more exclusive, mysterious nature - popular with young people who are always looking for something that makes them different. Of course we all want to be seen as bright and interesting, while having a space that we can truly relax in at home.

There are also many hidden meanings to the types of flowers you choose for canvas art prints. You only have to take the incorrect flowers to a big event or funeral to find out how easy it is to make a mistake. The symbolism of flowers in painting dates back to Victorian times, and although much has been lost since then it still pays to give some thought to what you're going to display in your home. Even as early as medieval and Renaissance society flower canvas prints had certain religious and ethical connotations. This most obvious in pictures containing religious figures - they are regularly drawn in the company of flowers that are a symbol of their characters. For example, a number of of the Christian symbols for virginity and chastity are the white rose, a vase, and the lily.

It's important to remember though that there's no right or wrong in choosing colourful floral canvas prints, you should choose what's right for you and what suits your surroundings.

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