The History Of Triptych Art

Triptych canvas goes back further than records show but is still popular to this day. A standard triptych art painting consists of a picture divided into three panels, the middle panel is usually the largest and is flanked by the two smaller panels but you can get triptych canvas of equal sizes. Triptych art was originally created for churches and cathedrals but they're now widely used around the world in homes and offices to create striking visual decoration.

One of the earliest documented examples of triptych art is associated to the Dutch painter Hans Memling. The painting was called The Last Judgement and was painted between 1467 and 1471. It's now on display at the National Museum in Gdańsk in Poland. 

The central panel shows Jesus sitting in Judgment on the world, while St Michael the Archangel is weighing souls and driving the Damned towards Hell. On the left hand panel, the Saved are being guided into Heaven by St Peter and Angels. On the right-hand panel, the Damned are being dragged to Hell. It's an amazing piece of artwork with a great level detail.

Triptych prints are great for adding a new dimension to a seemingly boring subject, espcially if you choose to have different sized pannels. It's important to remember, that when hanging a triptych print you keep at least a 1 or 2 inch gap between each panel to ensure your taking advantage of the triptych canvas look. When printing a triptych canvas it's important to use high quality wrap canvas for the printing.


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